Exploring advertising effectiveness, customer connectivity & media consumption

Churchill Franklin Advertising Market Research is a leading market research provider to our valued advertising industry clients worldwide. We provide deep insights into consumer and business media consumption and usage habits, customer satisfaction, attitudes & preferences and advertising awareness.

Our studies frequently focus on gaining insights from targeted consumer groups, grocery and retail shoppers, retail businesses, commercial & industrial business owners. These projects leverage our cost-effective data collection methodologies that include telephone-based in-depth interviews (IDI), online surveys, interactive voice response (IVR) surveys, mail surveys and other quantitative methodologies.

Our research professionals are experts within the advertising market research field. We have a wide breadth of expertise in ad pre-testing, post-testing, tagline & copy testing, and advertising effectiveness in key target segments. We also provide sound insights into how audiences receive advertising messages. Our clients have come to depend on our 25+ years of advertising industry experience.

For qualitative studies, Churchill Franklin utilizes face-to-face focus groups, online focus groups (OLFG), online bulletin boards and ethnographic research to uncover deep insights into consumer and business preferences, attitudes and opinions that directly affect your organization.

Churchill Franklin Advertising Market Research offers innovative market research solutions to measure the effectiveness of advertising including:

  • Print
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Internet
  • Events
  • Mobile Devices

Our proprietary research techniques are designed to test and measure our client’s advertising and marketing campaign effectiveness at each stage of the creative continuum – from ideation, to concept, to copy testing, to in-market evaluation and long term longitudinal tracking. A common element of these studies is the measurement of a brand, product or service’s connection to its customers.

Advertising Market Research Studies

  • Brand Equity Studies
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Pre/Post Ad Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Online Surveys
  • Tagline Testing
  • In Market Assessments
  • Advertisement Testing (Radio, Television, Online, Print, Newspaper)
  • Communication Evaluations

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