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Churchill Franklin specializes in decision intelligence. Our comprehensive market research services examine the connections between brands and their key customer & target audiences, delivering actionable insights that drive your organization’s success. We offer tailored solutions for your organization’s specific needs and industry, recognizing the uniqueness of each and every business.

Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

With our mission-critical insights and market research expertise, we empower brands to successfully develop and launch new products, acquire and retain customers, and gain a sustainable competitive advantages. Combining our extensive market research expertise with modern data management tools, our experts cost-effectively extract maximum value from all data streams and sources.

Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty & Advocacy Market Research

In today’s hypercompetitive world, having satisfied customers just isn’t enough. Market leaders have loyal customers that advocate for a company’s products and services. Being “silently satisfied” is not enough to achieve market share gains and maintain that advantage over the long term.

Churchill Franklin provides your organization with direct-from-the-customer, unbiased opinions as well as strategic and tactical recommendations to increase your customer satisfaction levels, drive customer loyalty and advocate and recommend your company’s product and services to their peers, colleagues and others.

Understanding Customer Journeys & Leveraging Dynamic Marketing Strategies

Customer’s needs evolve over time and your organization’s relationship with them needs to evolve to maintain your company’s products’ relevance and desirability. Your direct communications and marketing campaigns also need to follow the customer’s dynamic and changing demands as well.

Churchill Franklin’s brand tracking market research services and dynamic marketing strategies provide timely and accurate data streams to measure satisfaction levels, monitor shifting needs and inform the customization of your marketing campaigns to increase personalization and engagement with your company’s brands, products & services.

Advertising Awareness & Effectiveness Market Research

Whether you are a local retailer or an international conglomerate, measuring and demonstrating return-on-investment for your company’s advertising efforts is essential.

Churchill Franklin works closely with advertising agencies and end clients to pre-test advertisements to test reactions to all of the essential elements of an advertisement ensuring its efficacy and maximizing its impact on the target audience. By testing the concept and message, visual elements, copy and language, call to action, emotional impact, and channel-specific adaptations, we capture valuable insights that can help refine the advertisement to better resonate with the target audience.
Incorporating quantitative insights early in the ad development process empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions, enhance ad effectiveness, and increase the chances of campaign success.

Product Testing Market Research – Innovation Fuels Growth

Fueling product innovation and optimization through focused market research including online surveys, online focus groups, in-depth interviews, advanced analytics and marketing sciences is what we do.

From product design and configuration studies to price sensitivity surveys to product testing and evaluation projects, Churchill Franklin provides real time market-based insights to improve your existing products, drive ideation of new concepts and market test new products with your target audiences.

Advanced analytics-based surveys are leveraged to capture the level of importance of different product features & attributes, pricing, channel availability, sales & service offerings and configurations. Additional insights can be obtained through qualitative online focus groups and in-depth interviews as well.

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