Insight into retail shoppers, stores and online shopping websites

Churchill Franklin Retail Market Research is a leading retail market research provider to our valued clients worldwide. We provide deep insights into your customer’s shopping habits, brand loyalty, product preferences, preferred brands and in-depth customer satisfaction measurement.

We provide quantitative survey-based and qualitative research capabilities that leverage our cutting-edge Internet, telephone and mail-based primary and secondary market research data collection and reporting technologies. Using our analytical and consulting capabilities, we can accurately assess your organization’s advertising awareness and effectiveness, brand equity and provide solid strategic recommendations for continuous improvement.

Whether your company’s research objective is to understand service level needs, develop new brand identities, estimate the size of your desired market or assess your customer satisfaction, Churchill Franklin Retail Market Research can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information with an innovative cost-effective methodology. The information derived from our research in the consumer retail market will enable your business to make solid fact-driven strategic business decisions.

Retail Studies Include:

  • Retail outlet studies
  • Grocery store research
  • Online shopping research
  • Online website surveys
  • Catalog shopper research
  • Shopping website effectiveness
  • Shopper intercepts
  • Shopper customer satisfaction
  • Shopper brand loyalty
  • Consumer product studies
  • Consumer packaged goods studies
  • Advertising effectiveness & testing
  • Product usage & attitude
  • Market segmentation
  • Brand assessment
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand positioning & re-positioning
  • Brand recognition
  • Brand satisfaction
  • Product price sensitivity
  • Screening studies

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