The education sector is unique with its own challenges and opportunities. Today’s educators serve many stakeholders including students, parents, school districts and local & state governments. Churchill Franklin Education Market Research assists educators to meet these demands and pressures with insightful market research and strategic consulting solutions. We can help your organization meet internal and external stakeholder needs while aligning your strategy with current and future market trends.

Churchill Franklin Education Market Research delivers extensive education industry domain expertise and insightful full-service market research results to each of our client’s research initiatives. Our clients include K-12 school districts, state & local governments, non-profit foundations, education software firms and other education organizations.

We provide quantitative survey-based and qualitative research studies that leverage our cutting-edge Internet-based primary and secondary market research data collection and reporting technologies. Churchill Franklin Education Market Research delivers superior results, insightful analysis and solid, fact-driven strategic recommendations to our valued clients. Our education research experts are former educators and school district administrators with current market knowledge to provide you with expert insight and analysis.

Our research experts understand the issues and challenges facing educators. From increased legislation and program funding to the latest trends in teaching, we have a deep understanding of the education market and vast experience communicating with educators. In scoping research initiatives with our clients, we provide strategic recommendations for effective data collection methodologies, survey or moderator’s guide design and respondent recruitment for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Educator & School Administrator Survey Research

For online and telephone-based market research initiatives, Churchill Franklin Education Market Research utilizes specialty educator panels to reach select respondents including teachers, school administrators and key decision makers. Understanding the drivers of purchasing behavior including price sensitivity, brand loyalty and customer satisfaction is a critical success factor.

Cost-Effective Education Sector Insights

Churchill Franklin Education Market Research specializes in delivering ad-hoc research services focused on exceeding your expectations. Based upon each individual project’s parameters, we recommend the optimal quantitative or qualitative data collection methodology, sampling & analysis plan and detailed reporting structure. Using advanced analytical tools and innovative research strategies, we provide you deep insight beyond the collected data to uncover valuable insights, brand preferences, pricing sensitivity levels and product usage trends.

K-12 & Higher Education Market Research

Churchill Franklin Education Market Research provides insightful research solutions to K-12 school districts, higher education institutions, state & local governments, professional education & training companies and curriculum content firms.

Education sectors covered:

• K-12 Public & Private Education
• College & Higher Education
• Research Institutions
• Professional Education & Training

Subject matter coverage includes:

• Parent, Student, Administrator & Stakeholder Surveys
• Student Testing & Assessment Software Research
• No Child Left Behind Program Research
• Public & Private School Funding Research
• Curriculum & Textbook Assessment
• Supplemental Products & Materials
• Educational Software & Video
• Special Education Programs
• School Consumable Supplies
• School Furniture, Equipment & Facility Research
• School Funding Initiative Community Surveys
• Technology Buying Trends
• Instructional Technology Usage Research
• Enrollment & Recruiting Research Studies
• Autism Assessment & Facilitation Programs
• Early Childhood Development
• Online & Distance Learning

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